About IAYB

Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability and transparency.  IAYB brings forward that light on our community by showing the youth WHO they really are inside by pulling it out of them in a way of honor and integrity and not enabling something as Covid to put the mask over the youth's dreams and visions. IAYB motivates the youth through testimonials and an encouragement approach that helps them realize that they too have a voice in their community.

We partner up with some appreciable and well-known local organizations and schools such as; The City of Mulberry, The Boys & Girls Club, Mulberry Middle and High School, FAM Church and other Elementary schools and churches in the surrounding areas. This allows us to reach out to the youth in a group setting and reaching our youth from all different kinds of backgrounds.

By building community relations and providing these experiences we are able to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the community. Giving something that most may see as a small and minute gesture, such as a free hair cut by a licensed experienced barber once a month on Saturday, will give them new found confidence. It leaves them standing with their head high and chest out, and if you watch close enough you’ll see that genuine smile on their faces. Something as simple as a new haircut gives them the courage to see past their situations, issues, struggles and/or fears.

To see a young, ambitious, and motivational group from their same community that may have had some of the same hardships growing up shows the youth that they’re more than what they see. To become or to overcome is THEIR reality, because their reality is THEIR truth! It's important that they know how to fight for their goals and that their dreams are in reach and obtainable.

IAYB gives back to our community through outreach, mentoring, providing IAYB Believer shirts, and other community events that aim to attract the youth and make them feel free to be themselves and just enjoy the moments that we create. We wan to encourage and uplift every single Inspired Ambitious Young believer in our community. Having business relationships such as yours will help make the events that IAYB provides a memorable experience.

 All donations proceeds will go to support future community outreach and mentoring programs through IAYB events.

IAYB is a reachable organization through the rising social media streams with Facebook (IAYB) Instagram (@iayb2020) and Twitter (@IaybInc).

IAYB is an organization that provides the youth with a blank canvas, handing them the brush to paint their own story, expressing with their own colors and strokes. They are painting their own future. We never know which youth we will influence or when, but we are determined to make sure that impression will last a lifetime.